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Forbes: "The ONE Show" The World's First Aerial Dance featuring 100 dancers. Artist Aly Rose

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的情况下保持优雅,并呈现不同结构的变化,难度有多大?而现在,一个名为“The ONE


Have you ever seen 100 dancers dancing in the air together? Have you ever imagined how hard it

is for these dancers to remain graceful and display changing formations amidst fast rotations?

Today, a performance called "The ONE Show"; will utilize the cutting-edge real-time 3D

technology to turn these imaginations into a reality.

作为“The ONE Show”的创作者,舞蹈艺术家Aly Rose从2005年开始构思这一高难度的舞蹈



As the author of "The ONE Show" dancing artist Aly Rose has been designing this highly

difficult dance program since 2005. She has cooperated with a plurality of art production and

engineering companies successively and searched for the best aerial dancers worldwide for joint

participation in this extreme program.

Aly Rose,艺术家和舞蹈编导,上海纽约大学舞蹈项目负责人。她创设的作品曾在包括上



Aly Rose, artist and dance choreographer, person in charge of the dance program of the University

of New York in Shanghai. Her works used to be performed and displayed at multiple art venues,

including the Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA), Museum of Contemporary Art, Glass

Museum of Shanghai and Oil Tank Art Center. She directed and produced the only US-China

cooperative art project of Shanghai World Expo in 2010.

在今年的TEDx演讲中,Rose 回忆起她儿时的偶像——奥运会的体操运动员玛丽·卢·雷顿和







In the TEDx speech this year, Rose recalled her childhood idol, Olympic gymnasts Mary Lou

Retton and Nadia Comanenci. I loved the way they soared through the air, moved with such grace,

flexibility and landed with precision and power. Later on, the charms of such graceful soaring

through the air changed her life and became the core of her art. After college graduation in the

USA, she finally decided to go to Guizhou China in 1997 despite her parents' wish for her to find

a real job. She lived with the local Miao people for two and a half years. From 1999 to 2002,

Rose studied as a postgraduate at Beijing Dancing Academy and learned folk dance, dance

choreography and modern dance, focusing all her energies on dance. She was inspired in pursuit

of her originality.









Year 2005 became an important milestone for Rose in life when she went to New York to visit her

younger sister. One day when she was sitting at the Central Park and looked up at the sky, she

couldn't help asking the universe, how can I make more lofty contributions with my talents?

When I reflected on all the places and people I met, I overcame the feeling of gratitude and

euphoria. As I closed my eyes, I received a vision of what it would look like if I brought what

was inside of myself, body, mind and spirit and took it out into the world? At that moment, an

inspiration flashed by: is it possible to make a performance from three perspectives, i.e. spectators,

aerial dancers and skyscrapers far away. Finally, I developed a vision to create an aerial dancer of

100 dancers;.







蹈学习工作坊。正是这些经历的影响才让她逐步组建了多元化的The ONE Show团队。2013

年,为了建立世界上第一个大型空中变形舞蹈,The ONE Show团队在纽约试镜了来自全球


After return to China in 2005, Rose created dance drama Phoenix for Dashanzi International Art

Festival, of which the fourth act included 6 aerial performers. From 2007 to 2015, she learned

aerial dance and how to make a suspended assembly and found a professional aerial harness team

for cooperation when she was teaching dance in New York. Moreover, she also assisted one

engineer team to redraft the city rules on aerial performance. Rose used to travel around the world,

including Poland, Spain, Monaco, Germany, Mexico, Cuba, UAE, Britain, Madagascar, North

Korea, Cuba, Chile, Bolivia, the Philippines, Indonesia, India, France, South Africa and Canada.

During her travel, she also founded local dance studios. These experiences promoted her to

gradually set up the diversified The ONE Show team. In 2013, The ONE Show team completed

auditions of aerial dancers from 28 countries in New York in order to establish the world's first

large-scale aerial morphing dance.

The ONE Show的表演分为四幕,第一幕名为“音”,第二幕是“光”,第三幕是“动”。而最后

一幕“飞”,这篇文章关注的重点部分,是全部由空中编舞构成的。 “The ONE Show的空中



时间才能做好。在创作过程中,我们制作舞蹈动画并将它们输入到 Unity 软件中来进行3D




The show has four parts: Sound, Light, Movement, Flight. The choreography for the last part, as

the focus of this article, is all aerial. The dancer needs to learn how to dance in the air. That can

take years to do well, build up core strength and become adept not only in spinning, but also

feeling comfortable and graceful mid-air. During creation, we produced dance animations, input

them into Unity software for choreographing of 3D collective morphing and checked the profiles

visible to the spectators from different perspectives in an all-around manner.The advantages of

this technology is that I can choreograph in 3D. And we do not need to have all riggers and

aerialists present to achieve our desired outcome.

实时3D技术赋予了The ONE Show一种全新的艺术形式,但Rose并不认为这个表演是一场“




Real-time 3D awards a brand-new art form to The ONE Show but Rose doesn't deem this show as


a display of pure technologies;. We utilize technologies as a means of expression beyond the

boundaries of nationality and race and display the powers of different individuals with different

backgrounds and skills through cooperation. Aerial dance isn't a new technology but precise aerial

dance is more like a 'flight revolution' to us, said Rose.




群体所带来的感染力。“The ONE Show”旨在宣扬每个人都可以表现自我,超越自己,同时

消除隔阂,与世界融为一体,成为The ONE。“我们每个人都是人类宏伟织锦中的一个神圣

的动态表现,我想通过The ONE Show表现出追随自己内心的坚定旅程。”Rose补充道。

To Rose, The meaning of one is two-fold. One is one person’s power to go within themselves and

be at one with oneself, to feel whole and complete. One is also about the experience of oneness

with others and allowing that vibration to resonate within our consciousness. During an aerial

dance, each dancer can be deeply moved by being part of a community. The ONE Show aims to

advocate the right of everyone to express and transcend oneself, eliminate barriers and become

integrated with the world and the One. Each of us is a sacred moving expression in the grand

tapestry of humanity. My purpose is the ONE Show which unfolded before me through a

committed journey to following my heart, Rose added.




的感觉就好像在外太空的宇航员。Rose解释说。“The ONE Show(第四幕“飞”)最具挑战






在保证安全的前提下,安装、悬挂和移动 100 名空中舞者需要大量的空间。”

Suspended now by thousands of threads of wire, the 100 aerialists weaved in and out of each other

in mid-air, each individual, dancing independently with different actions, yet in harmony with the

collective, seemed to own a new life. Rose told us that aerial dancing is more a test to the dancer's

physical balance compared with traditional dancing. Such a feeling of slight weight loss is like

what an astronaut feels in space. Rose explains. The most challenging part of The ONE Show

(Act 4 Flight) includes two aspects. First, cooperation of dancers in the air. Each aerial dancer

also needs to master the timing according to the performances of other dancers other than

remembering their multiple aerial dance combos in order to finally realize the 25min mass

morphing. During aerial dance, we can feel the spreading of our spiritual forces and energies

around. Such intangible spirits and energies have enormous impacts. Second, aerial dancing

requires a substantially bigger space. As each dancer needs a suspension that enables him or her to

move within a diameter of 4m, it takes a great space to safely install, suspend and move 100 aerial


使用Unity制作集体变形的演示动画,为The ONE Show团队的编舞工作带来了极大的便捷




一起。在Unity中,The ONE Show团队共构建了完整的100人空中舞蹈编排模型。由于观众







提高了工作效率。”Rose说。使用Unity不仅让The ONE Show团队节省了数百万元的彩排费



Using Utility to produce demonstrative animation of collective morphing offers great convenience

to the choreography of The ONE Show team. As Rose mentioned, they used to rely on human

forces and suspension technologies for field rehearsal when Unity was unavailable in 2013 but the

costs of rehearsal became a great burden to them. With the time axis of Unity, they can videotape

the moves of each dancer separately and integrate these clips through clip translation, change of

sequence and copying and pasting of dance combos. In Unity, The ONE Show team established a

complete choreographic model for 100-people aerial dance. As the spectators watch the show

around the stage, they hope the spectators can have different feelings from a different perspective.

Unity successfully enables observation and adjustment of 3D dance formations from any

perspective. "We have also tried other modeling software but none is as convenient as Unity.

Sometimes, a specific dancer will inspire me to change a formation, sequence of appearance and

even accompanying music and that is only possible with Unity. I just need to copy and paste. All

changes are shown real-time, what you see is what you get. Moreover, my team can edit different

parts simultaneously to substantially increase the productivity", said Rose. Using Unity not only

saves millions of rehearsing costs for the team, but also allows each dancer to clearly and

precisely understand each move they need to perform and thus offer brand-new experiences to the

spectators during performance.




To Rose, the essence of the dance is the beauty of diversity associated with "unity in diversity",

respect to the personality of each dancer and unity of all. They avail the powers of Unity to unveil

the applications of real-time 3D technology in the field of dance creation for the first time. It

seems to be a perfect coincidence.

“像这样将实时3D技术与空中编舞相结合的应用,The ONE Show是全球首创,非常具有代





化为现实,The ONE Show就是个非常好的例子。”

"The ONE Show is the world's first show to combine real-time 3D technology and aerial

choreography, which is highly significant. They expand Unity technology from cell phone, PC and

other screens to a greater multidimensional space". Yin Chongying, Technical Manager of Unity

for Greater China Region believed that such a crossover merger of technology and art would be

more common in the future. "We found creators in all walks of life starting to use the real-time 3D

technologies of Unity to create virtual contents and establish interactions and mappings with the

real world. Unity is highly friendly to new users who don't need to write codes to easily turn their

originality into reality. The ONE Show is a very good example".



舞蹈教授,这也使我有许多机会与教师和学生一起工作。The ONE Show项目不仅是专业人





Recalling the historic choreographic work, Rose became emotional; during my stay in New York

from 2007 to 2015, we only key framed, which is time consuming and bears down on one’s soul.

After return to China in 2016, I became a dance professor at the University of New York in

Shanghai, which offered me many chances to work with teachers and students. The ONE Show is

not only a joint venture among professionals, but also a crystal of educational and performing art

cooperation. Act 4 'flight' is not just my work, but a collective product of teachers and students of

the University of New York in Shanghai. It has passed the one-year simulation via Unity and their

art capability and imagination make the last act more astonishingly impressive".





To Rose, this aerial art is the "whisper" from another perspective. The challenge lies in turning

such a whisper into a sound that is tangibly pervasive. "Placing consciousness and feeling in the

multidimensional universe and we can feel something that is beyond our normal vision, hearing,

feeling and touch. Mass aerial dance helps us to explore for our collective future and how to

harmonize with the collective".

目前,Rose和The ONE Show团队已经依托Unity,完成了空中舞蹈的大规模变形以及每个


音乐,确定了舞台的工程设计和舞台元素。”当被问及The ONE Show何时会被搬上舞台与


前都已就位,我们做好了搭建舞台的准备。我们期待着与The ONE Show所传递的理念相合

的投资者相遇并展开合作。相信The ONE Show全球巡演的首站一定会创造历史,惊艳世界


Rose and The ONE Show team have relied on Unity to complete the mass morphing of the aerial

dance and the choreography of every dancer and organize small-scale rehearsal in Shanghai and

New York. "We have chosen the choreographers and dancers, composed the music and determined

the engineering design and elements of the stage". When asked how to take The ONE Show to the

stage, Rose said in smiles, "this highly anticipated show will be staged publicly after investment is

completed. All modules are in place now and we are ready to set up a stage now. We look forward

to meeting and cooperating with the investors who share the same concepts as The ONE Show.

We believe the first stop of the global tour of The ONE Show will make a history and marvel the


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