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Everything is in motion. 
A morphing of our will
and our memories
forming a collective mural
of our entire existence.
But this mural keeps changing.
How to reflect this?

I can reach out to almost anyone on this planet.

Call you

type an email
board a plane
a train
hop a bus
ride a bike
or walk
to find you
wherever you are.
And after I find you
we now are connected.
And different than before.

Moving sculptures comprised of dancing human bodies

suspended in the sky
we are all stars.

I am challenging traditional ideas of performance space by incorporating height and dimension of a fixed

structure or building while choreographing and synchronizing for many dancers in the air. Collaborating with

engineers, architects, choreographers, aerialists, dancers, costumiers, designers and mentoring in each

locality, we build community and create new works together. I intentionally work with artists from China,

the United States, United Arab Emirates, Chile, Australia, France and Canada as a conscious decision

to manifest my belief in the oneness of mankind. I choose unity and see the human race as my family.

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